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Your website will be optimized locally with local SEO and your traffic will come from local users.

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We Provide SEO Services Throughout the UK and London!

Our SEO services are game-changing and move the dial for companies in London and nationwide. SEO experts help you rank high on search engines and get in front of customers who are ready to spend. Take your first steps in the world of internet success by getting your in-depth SEO strategy today!

Google SEO Consultant

Getting your website to appear on the first page of Google for the search terms you choose. Through our experience, we'll make sure your website is attractive to your target audience as well as Google.

Local SEO Consultant

We'll make your local business' GMB listing more visible, engaging, and ultimately, more sales-y so you can beat out your competition.

Ecommerce SEO Consultant

Ecommerce landscapes are saturated, but we know how to optimize your store so you rank higher and get more high quality traffic and sales.

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SEO's GOAT Is A Full-Service SEO Agency

We're an SEO agency in London serving clients all over the world! Let us know if you need anything that's not listed here and we'll add it to your profitable SEO strategy!

Local SEO

Get more local business by dominating the SERPs! We'll boost your organic visibility using local ranking factors!

WordPress SEO

- Let's make it better! WordPress is one of the best CMS systems for SEO - we can make it better!

E-Commerce SEO

Do you need high-quality, consistent traffic without having to spend any money? Let's talk! You'll get it from our SEO experts!

International SEO

Working around the world? So search engines can figure out where to target your site, we'll optimize it.

On-Page SEO

We'll check, and come up with a plan to boost your rankings, and help you get noticed!

SEO Audit

The SEO audit of your company's website will be completed within 48 hours, and we will provide you with tailored recommendations.

Technical SEO

We'll fix the technical issues preventing the search engines from crawling your website and hindering your growth.

YouTube SEO

Our SEO professionals can assist you in implementing video marketing strategies.

SEO Analytics

We use SEO Analytics to measure your success. Our London-based SEO experts can analyze your SEO and see what's working.

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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a strategy to help your business appear in local search results on Google.

Local SEO is helpful for any business with a physical location or that serves a local area. You'll know local SEO works if when you search Google for one of your most important keywords, a map with three listings appears underneath it (also called a map pack).

The term local intent refers to seeking products, services, or information within a specific location. The keyword in this type of search usually has 'near me,' or a location, like a city/town the searcher lives in.

When you search on Google for 'best cat food', you're probably just looking for info about this kind of food. However, searches for 'best cat food near me' and 'best cat food in Manchester' have a local intent-the searchers are looking for a local seller of cat food.

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What's the difference between Local and National SEO?

If you use national SEO practices, all your traffic will come from across the country, no matter where you are. You'll have a lot more competition in search engines, but you'll get a lot more traffic, and it's ideal if you do business nationwide. Suppose you run an e-commerce website selling products all over the UK, for example. In that case, you should focus on your national SEO and sometimes even international SEO if you're running the website on a global scale.

Instead, Local SEO will drive traffic from local users and optimize your website within a local radius.

The most important difference between local and national SEO is the keywords you will use. Non-geographic keywords are prominent in national SEO. Local search engine optimization focuses on local towns and areas, incorporating them as keywords.

Companies with larger budgets usually concentrate on nationwide SEO, but the majority of businesses employ a hybrid approach. Make sure your SEO strategy is tailored to the needs and goals of your business.

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Why choose Local SEO for your business?

Even if you don't have a website, local SEO makes your business stand out. It also helps you get more leads and leads to your place of business online.

This type of lead comes from people who are looking for products or services you offer, so you'll have a higher conversion rate.

Search results send a massive 70% of customers to a physical store when they see a search result with local intent - that's 4 out of 5 consumers using search engines to find local information.

Additionally, local SEO drives people to choose your business. It's easier for them to trust you when they have a lot of information about your business.

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Local SEO Services

It's hard to get your name out there and build a reputation, especially if you're a small business looking to tap into a local market. Get local SEO services from us to take your business to the next level.

Local businesses are searched online by 85% of customers. More than half of those searches are done on mobile phones. Google customized its results to show local businesses the best results - if they optimize their website for local search.

Our Local SEO services make sure you get the most out of local Google search enquires. It ensures that your business will get the lion's share of hot inquiries from local customers eager to learn more about your business.

In addition to developing this unique service, we can measure its effectiveness. Our in-house software tracks all phone calls and inquiries so you can monitor the results of your spending.

Why choose SEO's Goat Agency as your SEO consultant?

  • Our track record in delivering results for customers in highly competitive industries is excellent.
  • We'll build bespoke SEO campaigns to get significant, targeted traffic on your site.
  • You get everything you'd expect from an SEO agency at an affordable price.
  • Getting you more customers means getting more clicks, leads, sales, business, and online visibility.
  • We're an honest, hardworking SEO Agency that puts your needs first.

Local SEO Experts

Whenever you are looking to find a local SEO company to assist your business online to reach the potential of your offline business, SEO's GOAT is the obvious choice. In the industry for over ten years, we're a UK-based firm. We know all the different search engine optimization tactics you need to use to be on page one. Our team also knows how to draft a strategy tailored specifically to your needs.

Local SEO for small businesses is a complicated field, but we will not keep you in the dark about how we accomplish our goals. We'll give you three detailed reports after analyzing your website - typically within a week after launch. Our report will explain what we found about your site and why we think we can improve it.

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Local Search Company

How to find a reputable local search company?

Are you too busy to do your own local search marketing? That's fine. Lots of people are busy running a business and doing online marketing.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a local search marketing company:

  1. Stay away from agencies that promise the world. The top of the search engine results cannot be achieved overnight. These companies should be avoided.
  2. Make sure you do not allow anyone to intimidate you. You are likely being scammed if a company claims to represent Google and threatens to remove your listings unless you pay up.
  3. You don't have to look at software. Your marketing will be done by a person or a dedicated team at any good local search marketing company. It's better to have a human on your side to watch for algorithm updates and plan your next campaign.

You don't have to sign long-term contracts. You're in 2022. Don't sign a contract with a company. Go with one that shows you that they're improving your online presence month after month.

SEO Service Near Me

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital for any internet-based business.

The experts at SEO's GOAT can provide you with the best SEO services in Birmingham and throughout the UK. The team uses various techniques to rank your company's website high in search engine results. They understand how search engines work and know how to do it.

Search engines don't reveal how they rank websites, but the SEO specialists at SEO's GOAT do, and they've got a long track record of doing it well. Delivering high-performing SEO services consistently at an affordable price is what they do.

SEO's GOAT professional team is known for providing affordable SEO services. Our goal is to improve your search engine rankings, which is vital when you know that most internet users don't go beyond the first page of search results. We provide organizations with a competitive edge.